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6 Essential Car Maintenance Tasks that Will Save You Money

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A car is one of the most essential means of transportation. It makes it easier to get you to work, or anyplace else you need to go. But as good as your car may be, there are still things that can break down causing one to incur major maintenance costs. Fortunately, these issues don't have to be expensive or hefty ones; there are simple tips that you can do to save you tons of money. 

1. Organise you car

First, If you're guilty of jamming items in the back seat or boot of your car, then you need our Car organisers . We help you declutter the car by putting everything in one place. It makes it easier to find items that usually get lost down the backseat cracks, or in your boot. Why not organise your whole life?

2. Clean your car regularly

If you're not cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis, we need to talk. Seriously, all it takes to save a lot on car maintenance is a little elbow grease and some degreaser. A little hard work never hurt anyone, right?

Plus, some car accessories to help you tidy up your car are a must have.Washing your vehicle regularly prevents the accumulation of dirt on your car’s exterior, which can interfere with the coating making it corrode or lose its original texture. Over time corrosion will affect the original texture and once it gets to the bottom of your car, some parts will start to rust.

If you are planning to sell your car, severe corrosion can significantly reduce its resale value. Always remember to clean the interior of the car too. Wash your car mats regularly and ensure they are completely dry before putting them back.

3. Drive carefully

First, driving carefully will help you save money on your car's maintenance. When you drive with care, you don't have to put as much pressure on your brakes or tires. This means less wear and tear on your car and a lower likelihood of having to fix it later on.

You can also avoid speeding by taking a few seconds longer than usual to brake for each bump in the road. It might seem like an eternity when you're trying to stop quickly, but if you take just one extra second, that's all it takes to save yourself hundreds of dollars in repairs down the line!

4. Park in the shade

We know how much you love your car, but don't let it sit in the sun for too long. Parking in the shade preserves your car paint job and prevents damage to the interior by UV rays. The same goes for your home! If you often park in the sun, use a car cover to protect your car from UV damage.

5. Change the engine oil and filter regularly

If you change your oil regularly, your car will have proper lubrication. Oil changes also get rid of dirt and debris, which makes your engine run slower. If your engine heats up because of old oil, it will wear down and eventually stop working properly.

6. Check your tires

Check tire pressure regularly. This is the first step to keeping your car running smoothly and safely. If your tires are under-inflated, they won't grip the road and allow the vehicle to move smoothly.

Align the wheel for a smooth drive. You should check this every month or so and make sure that the wheels are aligned correctly and facing forward. If you notice any wobbling or misalignment, take your car in right away so that it can be fixed before anything bad happens!

Worn out shock absorbers, brakes, or a bent wheel could be costing you more money than you think! Don't wait—make sure these things are taken care of today!

Just as you should wash your vehicle regularly, you also need to maintain it on a regular basis. If you take good care of it, your vehicle can last for many years to come. You might even end up with a classic. At Carpockets, we have an array of products and accessories to help clean your car and give it a luxurious look. 

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