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Don't Get Scammed by Your Mechanic!

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We know how frustrating it can be to feel like your mechanic is taking advantage of you. That's why we've put together some tips to help you avoid getting scammed the next time you bring your car in for repairs.

💰 Don't be afraid to ask for a written estimate before any work is done. This will help you avoid any surprise charges. (we've all been there )

🔧 Do your research before choosing a mechanic. Look for reviews online or ask for recommendations from friends, family or in your car clubs.

🚨 Beware of scare tactics! If a mechanic tells you that you need urgent repairs, your car will knock or won't get home, don't panic. Get a second opinion before agreeing to anything!

⚙️ Ask for the old parts that were removed as well as mark the new ones being installed in case you won't be there during the repair.

At Carpockets, we believe that knowledge is power. We want our customers to feel confident and empowered when it comes to taking care of their cars. Thanks for being a part of the Carpockets community!

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