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How to declutter your car

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We're all guilty of using our cars as storage, but if you haven't heard of it then you're probably not doing anything about it. Before I learned how to declutter my car properly I had a lot of stuff in there I didn't need and wasn't using. So do yourself a favour and declutter your car!

While decluttering your car can seem like a daunting task, there are several helpful steps you can take to get started.

Clear the garbage

On a daily basis, we all have this tendency to put things in our cars. Soda cans, fast food bags, plastic cutlery holders and more — all the stuff that doesn't belong in the car but ends up there anyway.

Toss all the wrappers, take-out bags, and anything else that belongs in a garbage can rather than the inside of your car.

This collapsible trash bin allows you to put all the trash in there for easier disposal as it expands and collapses with one hand movement.

Organise your car

Now that the car is decluttered, please take back the items that don't belong in the car, and place them back where they belong—your house.


Once that is done, it is time to organise the car in a way that makes sense to you. It is not possible to get rid of everything from the car. However, it is quite nice to put everything in your car. 

Car organisers are handy if you have a large family or children and want to keep everything safe and organised in the car.  There are many different kinds of car organisers available, with each one designed for specific uses.


An organised car is easy to clean. You don't have to worry about ruining gadgets, important documents or misplacing little things because you've been in a rush and left them somewhere in the interior of your vehicle. Everything is already where it belongs: in the trunk, on the seats, on the dashboard and even on the floor mat.

Image of a woman´s hand the back seat of a car with a vacuum


The hard work of decluttering is over. Now, all you have to do is maintain your clean and organised vehicle.

It's not enough to just get rid of all the clutter--you have to keep it from coming back! Here are some tips for keeping your car clean:

  1. After every trip, put items back where they belong. If you drive around with donation bags in your car, they'll take up space and make you feel bad about yourself (and probably give out the wrong idea about who you are). Don't let this happen! Instead, drop them off right away.

  1. Pick a day of the week (maybe Sunday?) and wipe down your car interior thoroughly. This will help keep things clean and organized throughout the week, as well as ensure that everything has its place so that nothing gets lost or forgotten again!
  1. Never again feel embarrassed or apologetic when someone enters your vehicle; enjoy the pride and confidence that comes with driving a clean and orderly vehicle!

It’s hard to be happy while trudging through your car, half blinded by bags and boxes, and breathing in the smell of old treats and receipts. When you need a little extra motivation to get started, know that your health will benefit from every box you go through. Whether you’re looking for more space or just a better environment overall, decluttering your car will improve your day-to-day life.

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