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5 Car Accessories That Are A Must Have

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A few weeks ago, two of my friends and I planned to have lunch. You are probably wondering what this has to do with having car accessories. Here goes; 

My friend *boujee Betty* agreed to pick me and the others up because she had decided matatus and ubers are not for her that day. 

She drove up to my office parking lot and I got in the passenger seat next to her and turned around to place my bag on the back seat. Woah unto me! The back seat was so packed with her stuff that there was no place for me to place my bag. 

Back Seat Organiser

“Don’t you know anything about car accessories? Like a back seat organiser?”, I asked. If you had one, you would have packed all these things in there. Where will *Adrian* sit?”

She brushed me off. 

Carpockets Insurance Holder

As we proceeded to pick our friend, something on her windshield distracted me. It was the insurance sticker marks. I thought of Carpockets; the new way to display your insurance. It is neat and leaves no sticker marks on your windshield. The seller in me, suggested the same. *Boujee Betty* did not seem to mind the idea.

Just to make sure the idea landed, I added that this car accessory bought alongside the sticker remover is a deal. It helps remove insurance sticker residue on your car windshield.There is also a car cleaning kit which includes a mist spray bottle with the solution, a wiping cloth and a plastic scraper to loosen the paper residue.

Some accessories will increase comfort in your car while some will help take care of your car. Car accessories give your car a better and premium look than it had without them. The interior matches the exterior.

Think of the microfibre cleaning kit for example, this car washing kit is highly effective at capturing dust, dirt, debris inside and outside your car. This kit includes a wax applicator pad that can be used for applying waxes and sealants on your car to maintain the shine and protect your car’s body paint.

If you are reading this and your cleaning kit is a small towel, please consider getting this. The best part of it is the car cleaning kit can be rewashed over and over again for multiple uses.

If you are a lover of pets, a back seat/pet cover is a must have car accessory for you. Not only is it easy to clean and install but also protects the seat from dirt, scratches, wear and tear. It is non-slip and safe. You can drive without worrying about the safety of your pet.

If you carry extra change of clothes, go to the gym or always have items in your boot, the Deluxe Collapsible boot  organiser is the right accessory to buy this festive season.

It has three roomy compartments for you to organize important equipment, tools, groceries, sporting goods, cleaning supplies, pet and kid toys, snacks, electronic accessories, and much more.

Any items you put will stay in place and won’t shift as you’re driving. It stays put even when empty due to its superior construction. 

Your car is a valuable asset. You spend a considerable amount of time in it and you want to make it feel as comfortable as you can. We provide car accessories that offer you an affordable means of safety, luxury and comfort.

By the time we were reaching our destination, one thing we all agreed on is that purchasing a car is determined by a lot of factors; need, convenience and luxury. As much as need is the primary buying force, you will be emotionally attached to your car. It is an investment that you want to take care of so it can last for long while maintaining performance. For that reason, it is important to buy car accessories.

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