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Out With The Old, In With The Organised

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How long has it been since you last took a look at the inside of your car? If it’s been more than a few weeks, then it’s probably time for a good old-fashioned car clean off and organisation session. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you find yourself wondering how that empty snack bag ended up wedged between the seat and the door or why there are so many random items scattered around your backseat. It happens to all of us! 

The Benefits Of Car Cleaning & Organising 

Whether you have kids or not, cleaning and organising your car is important on so many levels. First, it will make your life easier when you no longer have to search through piles of junk looking for that one thing you need in order to get something done. You know what I'm talking about - searching for the charging cord or hair tie that always seems to be lost somewhere in the abyss of your car. It can also help with improving air quality as dust, dirt and crumbs can accumulate in places like under the seats or in hard-to-reach crevices. Finally, having an organised vehicle can even increase safety as items will be less likely to become projectiles should you need to make an emergency stop. 

How To Get Started                                     

Getting started may seem daunting but don't let that stop you from getting on with this much needed task! Start by breaking down what needs to be done into smaller tasks - this will make it easier to manage and stay focused. Grab some trash bags and start by removing any large items such as clothes or toys from the floorboards and backseat area. Once those are removed, break out the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming up dirt, debris and crumbs (don't forget about those hard-to-reach spots!). Now is also a great time to wipe down surfaces like cup holders or centre consoles with an all-purpose cleaner if necessary. After everything is vacuumed up and wiped down, then comes the fun part - organising! Utilise trunk organisers to store items like towing ropes, jumper cables or extra jackets so they're easy to access when needed. For smaller items such as shopping bags, and jackets use back seat hooks to keep them from falling (this also helps keep them safe).  

Cleaning off and organising your car doesn't have to be a dreaded chore; once broken down into manageable tasks it can actually be quite enjoyable! Not only that but having an organised vehicle means no more searching through piles of random stuff trying locate things like charging cords; just grab what you need from its designated spot and go! So take some time today and start getting your car organised - trust me, you'll thank yourself later!

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