Warning Signs Your Spark Plugs Need Attention!

Warning Signs Your Spark Plugs Need Attention!

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Keeping your car in peak condition means paying attention to small components that make a big difference, like spark plugs. Here's a quick guide to recognising when your spark plugs might be telling you they need a change:

1. Check Engine Light: If your check engine light pops on, it could be your spark plugs signalling trouble. This often points to misfires that could harm your catalytic converter if ignored.

2. Trouble Starting Your Car: Struggling to start your car can be a sign of spark plugs that can't ignite the engine effectively anymore. Don’t let worn spark plugs slow you down!

3. Poor Fuel Economy:  Notice more frequent fuel stops? Worn spark plugs might not be burning fuel efficiently, which means more trips to the gas station and less money in your pocket.

4. Rough Idling: An engine that sounds rough or rattles while idling could be suffering from spark plug issues. Don’t overlook these noises—they're telling you something's off.

5. Sluggish Acceleration: If your car isn’t as responsive or quick to accelerate, old spark plugs might be the culprit. Replacing them can restore that lost power and efficiency.

When to Replace

Most spark plugs need a replacement after about 80,000 miles, but keep an eye on these signs to avoid engine damage. Remember, regular maintenance is less costly than major repairs!

Visual Inspection

A quick look at your spark plugs can tell you a lot. Look for carbon buildup, worn electrodes, or cracked insulators—all signs that it’s time for them to go.

Don't wait for a breakdown to find out your spark plugs are past their prime. Visit us for a tune-up and ensure your ride is smooth and your engine healthy!

Drive safe and smart!

Best, The Carpockets Team 🚗💨

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