The Right Type Of Oil For Your Car

The Right Type Of Oil For Your Car

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Is your car’s engine oil due for a change but you’re unsure which type to choose? The right engine oil is essential for your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Here’s a quick guide to help you make an informed choice:

Understanding Engine Oil Types
There are two main types of engine oil: mineral and synthetic. Mineral oils are derived directly from refined crude oil, whereas synthetic oils are chemically engineered for higher performance and protection.

Viscosity Matters
Viscosity, indicated by a number and a letter (like 10W-30), measures the oil’s resistance to flow. The first number indicates how the oil flows in cold temperatures, and the second number represents its flow at operating temperatures. Your vehicle’s manual will specify the recommended viscosity.

Consider Engine and Driving Conditions

  • Older Engines: Mineral oils are often suitable for older engines that don't require high performance.
  • High Performance or Newer Engines: Synthetic oils offer better protection and efficiency, especially under extreme temperatures or high-stress conditions.
  • Regular Commuting vs. High-stress Driving: If you’re mainly driving in the city, a conventional oil might suffice. For heavy towing or high-speed driving, synthetic oils are preferable.

Checking Manufacturer’s Recommendations
Always consult your vehicle’s handbook for the manufacturer’s recommendations. It provides specific guidance on your engine's best oil type and viscosity.

Selecting the right engine oil ensures smoother engine operation, better fuel efficiency, and prolonged engine life. 

Keep your engine running smoothly!

Best, The Carpockets Team 🚗💨

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