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Dash Cams are life savers!

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Most people, who drive a car (or other vehicles) with a dash cam, swear by it. They tell the story of how their dash cam helped them in an encounter with a dangerous driver or someone who was driving under the influence. The possibilities are endless when you have a dash cam that keeps records at all times. 

As we go about our daily activities, there are things that we may not notice at first. Maybe a car bumps into your car, or maybe someone accidentally rams into your car while they try out their new hoverboard outside your apartment building. These types of occurrences can turn into major accidents that could potentially result in a lawsuit against the innocent party.

However, with a dash cam recording everything happening around you, these car-related accidents would be pieced together to tell what happened.  While there's more to this piece of technology than meets the eye, let's find out what makes this device so important.

First, Dash cams create a stronger sense of accountability for any drivers who are aware of their presence on the road. 

Those who routinely practice unsafe driving techniques will have to confront their mistakes if they are caught on a Dash Cam. The general idea that someone’s driving is being recorded will often be convincing enough to be safe, smarter, and reevaluate and prevent any unsafe habits.

You know what else is awesome? Having a dash cam to protect yourself from crime. With a dash cam, you don't have to worry about where you park your car at night—just make sure it's facing the right way! Plus, these cameras can be set to turn on when motion is detected around your vehicle, recording attempted break-ins or vandalism. This added benefit allows drivers to feel safer about leaving their vehicle unattended.

These days, it seems like everyone has a camera in their hand—whether it's for their phone or for their car—and we're all lucky for it!

Lastly, you will have a record of memorable journeys and road trips. Dash cams aren't just for documenting evidence. They can also be used to make beautiful videos of memorable road trips and vacations. You can keep a record of your journey so that you can look back on it later on with nostalgia when you're older or reminisce about it with friends. You capture views that you never would have seen otherwise; like how far down a highway you've gone or how many times your car went off the road because of other drivers' incompetence.

Dash Cam
If you're looking for a dash cam, we have what you need. At Carpockets, we believe in safety above all else. That's why we've got the best dash cam on the market—and it's built-in with Wifi! You can use it wirelessly to transfer video directly from your camera to your phone or tablet. The DDPai app is available in Apple and Google play stores.


  • We’re happy to hear from you. The DDPAI Mini Dashcam is retailing at 11,500/= The DDPAI Mini Dash Cam is a high-quality mini HD dash cam that can rotate its body 180 degrees for optimal filming angle, has a built-in microphone for audio recording, 24hr parking monitor, and a built-in G-sensor that registers when you have an accident.



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